IFPELAC Machava trains 34 young people in sawmill and electricity in Macaneta

A total of 34 youth attending the vocational courses graduated on October 23, 2020 in the specialties of Sawmill and Installation Electricity in Marracuene, Macaneta. The training courses were held for 45 working days and were carried out using the mobile training offered by IFPELAC Machava (Instituto de Formação Profissional e Estudos Laborais Alberto Cassimo) in partnership with the District Government of Marracuene and Swisscontact, Skills to Build project.

The aim of these courses is to generate technical skills for vulnerable young people in order to raise their standard of socio-economic inclusion, to improve the competitiveness of the sector and to generate income through technical vocational training.

The training was both theoretical and practical, and the trainees had the opportunity to repair the administration, school and medical center buildings in Macaneta.

The closing ceremony included the certificate delivery and was attended by the Governor of Maputo Province, Júlio Parruque, who interacted with the young graduates on the event and advised them to make use of the knowledge they acquired during their training.

The project manager, Skills to Build, Régula-Chavéz Malgiarrita encouraged the young graduates to observe the ethics in the performance of their activities and continue to improve their skills so that they can become professionals who can provide high quality service to their clients.

She also took the opportunity to invite the local entrepreneurs to invest in these young people, whether through employment vacancies or some necessary help so that they can be entrepreneurs to boost their local development.