Entrepreneurial ecosystems
The presentation of the mentoring program was held at the beginning of February, 2023. Within the framework, several already selected mentors presented themselves to the audience. These are representatives of construction companies: Irakli Gogolishvili, General Director of "Anagi", Aleksandre Sokolovsky, Executive Director of "Prime Concrete" and Nino Mchedlishvili, Administrative Director of "Energon" company.

The presenters talked about the challenges facing the industry, for instance what are the ways in which manufacturers and construction companies can eliminate existing differences between their communications.

"I believe that the most important help, besides sharing information and our practices,is the moral support so that the entrepreneur working in the regions does not give up."
Alexandre Sokolovski

This project strengthens state agencies, business associations and business-to-business service providers to provide them support to existing small and medium enterprises in the regions.

 Nino Mchedlishvili, the Administrative Director of "Energon" talks about the motivation that drives her for this project: 

"For me, participating in this project as a mentor is quite an interesting challenge. With the involvement of international experts, I think it is quite a good experience. I will acquire and gain in-depth information on international practices of mentoring in the direction. The experience gained in this project will also help me at my organization, mentoring middle and upper management and implementing new practices."

The mentoring program covers 12 months and the selection of SME candidates that will receive support within the program will begin soon.

The Infrastructure Construction Companies Association mentoring programme is initiated by the Rural SMEs Development Project (RSMEDP). 

'The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) financed Rural SMEs Development Project (RSMEDP) seeks to increase income and employment in rural Georgia in line with the Swiss Cooperation Programme South Caucasus Region 2022-2025. It achieves this through taking a market systems development approach to improve rural SMEs' access to finance and business support services. It is implemented by a Consortium of Swisscontact (lead), Mercy Corps and the Springfield Centre for business in development. The RSMEDP runs from 2020-2024.'

Sustainable agriculture, Trade, Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Creating a better business environment for rural small and medium-sized (SME) enterprises in Georgia
The Rural SME Development project aims at creating a better business environment for rural SMEs and entrepreneurs in Georgia.