Horti-Sempre and partners discuss experiences and future challenges for the horticultural sector in the north of the country

Sustainable agriculture
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Mozambique (SDC), through the project Horti-Sempre implemented by Swisscontact, has been supporting the sustainable development of the horticultural complex with the introduction of solutions accessible to the stakeholders of Nampula and Cabo Delgado provinces.

Based on the results achieved, the Horti-Sempre project team discussed its experiences and lessons learnt and received suggestions from partners and institutions in the public and private sectors, as well as from cooperation agencies and donors working in the area of rural and agricultural development in Mozambique.

Panellists reflected on the project experience to learn about the future challenges of more private sector driven growth in the agriculture sector in Mozambique. They talked about possible ways to make this growth more inclusive and beneficial for Micro, Small and Medium Entreprises (MSMEs) in agro-business. Also discussed was how the role of private sector should evolve and what the nature and extent of support can be from development partners to the private and public sector of Mozambique.