Honduras: strengthening climate resilience in rural areas through inclusive economic development

Sustainable tourism
The Dry Corridor is one of the most impoverished and economically depressed areas of Honduras. Its rural population is particularly susceptible to the extreme effects of climate change. The Government of Honduras and its partners hope to break the cycle of poverty in the region. Swisscontact supports these efforts by promoting inclusive economic development in rural areas.

In the Gulf of Fonseca region, a variety of activities are carried out as part of the project “Oportunidades Rurales” (rural market opportunities).

As one example from the field of tourism, Swisscontact supported the creation of a regional tourism platform for the Gulf of Fonseca, which has had a positive impact. More than 50 actors from the public and private sectors took part in the elaboration of promotional videos about the Gulf. The videos show the adventures of blogger Khalia as she visits the Gulf of Fonseca, highlighting cultural and ecotourism activities and gastronomy. As a result, boat companies and gastronomic businesses such as hotels and restaurants reported a considerable increase in the number of guests and, thus, in their income.

Increasing the productivity of small and medium enterprises

Both agriculture and non-farm activities provide economic opportunities in rural areas, whereby the focus lies on solving productivity issues and developing infrastructure.

Another example: The project supported producers in several municipalities in the application of more productive, climate-friendly techniques of grafting. This grafting technique of specific types of mango, lemon and other fruit can increase the yield per unit.

The project supports women and young people:

  • Around 1100 producers of cashew and fruit value chains by providing technical assistance, training in financial education and business model design
  • Around 400 multisectoral MSMES of the tourism, cashew and dairy products value chains

The aim of the project is to improve the business and technical practices of small businesses and producers and support them in increasing their turnover. In addition, the project will enhance MSME’s access to local, national and export markets and support the use of resource-efficient production technologies.

The project "Oportunidades Rurales" is financed by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Swisscontact.