Having skills is the beginning of turning dreams into reality!

Initial vocational education and training
“Had I not participated in this vocational training course, I would not have the skills I have now. I think my life would be much more difficult, particularly when I get older.” says Vin Sokmi, a 25-year-old motorbike mechanic.
Sokmi is sitting in front of his garage and talking about his journey to his current occupation.  

Working in a small motorbike repairing shop owner in a village of Pal Hal Commune, Preah Vihear Province, Sokmi is is one of the successful graduates of a vocational training programme supported by the Skills Development Progamme (SDP). He fully attributes his know-how to the course he participated in. 

Living with five other siblings, Sokmi was able to complete his primary education only up to grade 4. The income from​​ agriculture was not enough to cover the daily expenses of his family. He found the training course in motorcycle repairing and decided that having vocational skills would help him to contribute to the family income.

“I stayed in the training course at the center for 7 months. I gained not only technical and operational knowledge but also improved my attitude and confidence to greet customers, to develop strategies to develop a business model, and more”. 

Sokmi is concentrating on assembling the spare part of his customer’s motorbike. 

Post training, Sokmi is now working a small motorbike repairing shop, a job he found with the support from the training centre. 

“I think having skills is one of the best aspects of my life. I am now the main breadwinner of the family. I can help to support my family by buying food and other basic supplies for them,” he mentions. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has so far not had any serious impact on my business. I still can earn enough for to live, although it’s true that ​the villagers now travel less frequently,” Sokmi added.

Sokmi’s motorcycling garage from a wide view with his customer coming to observe his repairing technique.

Sokmi is pursuing his dream to open his own motorcycle shop: 

“In the next 10 years, I want to run a larger garage which sells more spare parts and handles more repair services. With that in mind, I also plan to engage in selling and buying all types of used motorcycles”, Sokmi adds excitedly.