Fusing determination with passion - the inspiring story of young welder Júlio Langa

Overcoming challenges pays off: In 2022, Júlio decided to invest in his passion and enrolled in the welding course at the Professional Training Center for Metalworking. During this challenging period, he faced the difficulty of commuting 200 kilometers daily between his home and the training center. However, Júlio did not give up, and his effort paid off.

Júlio, a 22-year-old young man from the Manhiça District in the Maputo Province, began his professional journey at the age of 17 as a welding assistant in his uncle's workshop. It was there that his interest in welding turned into a dream of becoming a qualified professional in the field.

A lifechanging internship

The Skills to Build project, facilitated by Swisscontact, provided Júlio with the opportunity to intern at Dingsheng Minerais, one of the workshops of the Ports and Railways of Mozambique. Even as the distance increased to 210 kilometers during the internship, Júlio faced the challenges with determination, working long hours honing his skills. He not only easily adapted to the job's demands but also excelled in welding pipes, metal structures, and tanks for heavy sands.

"This effort was worth it because thanks to the training, I got a job in my field here at Dingsheng Minerais."
Júlio Langa

Being part of Dingsheng Minerais became a dream come true for Júlio. In addition to achieving his own professional aspirations, he can now contribute financially to his family, supporting his parents and building his own house. His successful journey is an inspiring example of how perseverance and dedication can turn dreams into reality.

This project is financed by the Medicor Foundation, Happel Foundation, and U.W. Linsi-Stiftung, among other donors. It is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA.

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