Fruit Juice Woman-Owned Business to Expand with Swiss Support

Afërdita Murati has put into great news her knowledge of fruit processing and production of freshly squeezed juices.

Since 2015, she runs her company, NP Kastrioti, producing mainly squeezed-only berries, like aronia, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry that are either cultivated in Podujeva, where the business operates, or grown in the forests around Kosovo.

What started with 10 litres of juice, to grow to 400 litres in less than 4 months, is now a solid business that distributes products to some 500 shops around the country.

PPSE signed a partnership agreement with NP Kastrioti through which the company will acquire a set of equipment to complete the processing line with bottle-filling machines that measure the exact amount and close the bottle lids automatically.

Afërdita is in the process of bringing new products to the market, which translates in an increase of demand for raw material (fruits), thus creating more opportunities for contracted production with farmers and collectors, and more sustainable income for everyone involved.