FME and Swisscontact present a proposal for a youth employment database for young people who have vocational training in construction areas

On July 8, 2020, a meeting was held with members of the Maputo and Matola Construction Contractors Associations, members of the Mozambican Federation of Contractors - FME, to present the proposal of the database that aims to facilitate the matching of job offer and demand to achieve it.
The proposal was developed in a joint effort between FME and Swisscontact, a Skills to Build project, and was modified several times. 

The event was attended by about 40 contractors from the city and province of Maputo, the project's location.

Because of the new situation caused by COVID-19, this database was adapted for virtual use.

FME and Swisscontact, the Skills to Build project, developed the database to improve the link between those who offer jobs (contractors) and those who seek (young people). The database aims to boost the Integration of young unemployed people into the labour market.

Therefore, the database allows those interested in these professionals to search to find those with the best profile for the position they want to fill. At the same time, young people can make searches for occupations that suit their professional profiles. It is also possible to access this database anywhere in Mozambique in a process that aims to provide most of the information of the trained young people for remote consultation.

The database is available to FME, contractors, training centers, and, of course, the young people themselves and companies associated with FME who can access it through a password provided by the administrator. 

The Vice-president of FME, Bento Machaila declared that the database will make it easier for the contractors to find qualified and specialized technicians who are looking for work, and he called the class to take advantage of this platform "the objective is to have a more qualified and specialized workers in the market. Sometimes we need technical staff and we don't know where to find it, we don't need to advertise in the newspaper anymore, this database is for us, it will help us to know who is available or not", he said. 

The Associations of Contractors share the idea that the database will facilitate the recruitment of technicians from anywhere in the country, just by using a platform through a mobile phone "We do not have a professional portfolio, and it is difficult to know who is good, this platform will help us to know where to find these people. For example, I have a project in another province, I don't need to carry workers from here, but through the platform I know who is there and I can recruit those people", said the president of the Maputo City Association. 

The Skills to Build project manager, Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta expects as one of the final results of the platform, the establishment of the bridges for job creation "one of the interventions that we have defined with the WEF and the two Associations is the establishment of the database to find a point between supply and demand, both from contractors and young people who need to find a job". 

The database is currently being validated and meetings are being held with the project's partner Training Centers for database capacity training. 

This database is hosted by the FME administration and in collaboration with the Training Centers promotes the link between supply and demand to contribute to a better labour insertion of young people who have completed their vocational training.