FEGO Project to boost Kosovo's sustainable economic growth and innovation in Kosovo's Furniture Sector

The Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO) project in Kosovo has achieved incredible success in forming partnerships with the apparel, furniture, and rural tourism sectors in its first year.  
Wooden accessories 

The FEGO project, which aims to boost inclusive market systems development, has been working tirelessly in 2022 to form strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. These partnerships will help to support the development of the local economy, while also ensuring  that environmental and social sustainability are at the forefront of all initiatives. 

The furniture sector in Kosovo has been hampered by a lack of investment, outdated technology, and low productivity. However, the sector has great potential, given Kosovo’s abundant natural resources and proximity to major European markets.  The partnerships with the furniture sector are expected to yield positive results in the market with the creation of new tailored training programs, the introduction of innovative and eco-friendly products, upcycling, recycling, and new sales channels.

The making of recycled mosaics by FEGO project partner, Tiki Mosaic

The FEGO project has set out to address these challenges by providing technical assistance, co-investment opportunities and tailored trainings to small and medium-sized furniture producers.  

One of the key strategies of the FEGO project is to forge partnerships with private companies and educational institutions to leverage their expertise, networks, and resources.  

The project has identified several key intervention areas in the furniture sector to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the sector. One such area of intervention is promoting a tailored training offer for SME employees. This will help to improve the adequate skills and knowledge of employees and job seekers, and enhance the quality of the products and services offered by businesses.  

Upskilling and reskilling of vulnerable groups is a priority for FEGO project 

The FEGO project is also engaged in the facilitation of growth and linkages within the sector, and its interventions will focus on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, as this will encourage the development of new and innovative products and services that meet the changing needs and demands of customers. An innovation fund has been established to support the development of new and novel ideas and products, such as wooden toys, glass mosaics and other accessories. These new investments by the private sector will continue to create positive change for the local economy and community, as they prioritize the upgrade of skills and employment of the most vulnerable groups. 

To read more about the furniture sector in Kosovo, read the Skills Needs Assessment of the Furniture Sector in Kosovo: 

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Fostering Employment and Growth Opportunities (FEGO)
The FEGO project aims to generate employment and income for women, men, and youth, presently living in poverty and socio-economic marginalization. The project seeks to reach sustainable and scalable growth of micro/small (family) business and start-ups, in three main sectors where the project is focused: apparel, furniture and rural tourism.