From a farmer a cover crop seed producer 

Sustainable agriculture
HENG Sak, a 66-year-old resident of Battambang is a farmer who turned into a cover crop producer.

Sak has been producing cover crop seeds for the past five years on his farm in Borun Village, Ratanak Mondol District, Battambang Province. Sak was introduced to the use of cover crops during a promotional event organized by the Conservation Agriculture Service Centre (CASC) in Battambang. He had joined the event to learn more about Conservation Agriculture, and after trying it, he hasn’t looked back.

Sak after one of the demonstration events, bought cover crop seeds, and sowed them in his 4.5 hectare plot out of curiosity. However, that curiosity turned to learning about the benefits of cover crops.

Sak witnessed a gradual increase in the yield of his main crops which were longan, cassava, and maize. The cover crops usage also reduced some of the production costs as he did not have to spend money on tillage. Moreover, he also profited by selling cover crop seeds.

1Sak showing sun hemp in his field located in Battambang on 26th January 2023
"I am very happy with using cover crops, as my farming activities have been more efficient than before."
Mr. Heng Sak, cover crop producer in Battambang province

Sak earned around USD$ 1.5K -2K yearly in addition to his income from other crops. Sak believes in the principle's agroecology, and shares that he is willing to produce more cover crop seeds in accordance with the market demand and continuously introduces the practice and benefits of growing cover crops to other farmers in his district. 

Sak was among the farmers in Ratanak Mondol district of Battambang province who was facilitated to adopt CA (Conservation Agriculture) practice by the Conservative Agriculture Service Centre (CASC), MetKasekor and further supported by the various partners including ISA intervention partners. Having practiced the use of cover crops, Sak now is confident in not only investing in his own farm but also in producing cover crop seeds and sharing his practical experience with fellow farmers in his area. 

Sustainable agriculture
Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture 
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