Exploring the Outdoors of Kosovo for Turkish Tourists

A group of Turkish tour operators experienced first-hand what awaits their future clients who will choose Kosovo as a destination.
Through a collaboration between TÜRSAB, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and Swisscontact, four tour operators and the President of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation were part of a four-day familiarization trip, which provided them with an opportunity to explore what Kosovo has to offer for outdoor enthusiasts in particular.  The four-day exploration trip itinerary included also parts of northern Albania and Montenegro, as the Peaks of the Balkans is considered as an attractive package for people looking to find adventure outdoors. The itinerary and the guides were arranged for by Balkan Natural Adventures, a Kosovo-based tourism agency.   Part of the program for the famtrip included some of Kosovo’s most famous outdoor products: Via Ferrata Ari and the zipline in Rugova mountains, hiking in the area. The groups were accommodated in the guest houses along the way, while their experience was made complete by the typical local hospitality, traditional food and stories. The trip ended in Prizren, south of Kosovo, a city known for its diverse historical and cultural heritage.  An expected follow-up activity is that the tour operators will begin to include Kosovo in their packages and advertise the offer.