Ensuring the safety of young people in their apprenticeship: a meeting with supervisor Hassia Issa

Initial vocational education and training
After completing their schooling in a class for alternative education for young people (CCEAJ), many youths turn to vocational training. These young people prefer to enroll in very short courses, which allow them to quickly acquire skills to generate income.

When they leave, they often have to go to a neighbouring village to benefit from the training. Away from their families, some parents may be worried and refuse to let them go, especially young women.

This is why Hassia Issa, a restaurant owner in Tibiri Gobir, in the Maradi region, became a supervisor for the young learners during the initial professional training courses (FIP). At the end of the training, Hassia raises awareness to give the learners confidence. The students are housed in groups, the boys and girls separated. This way, the parents of the learners are reassured that they are being looked after.

"I am an advocate for women’s rights and I love working with young people. I was entrusted not only with providing food to the youth during their training period, but also with the accommodation and supervision of the girls. We do everything to make these learners feel at home. They are well catered for from the beginning to the end of the training and at night we supervise them. You know, we particularly protect the older girls and make sure they don't lack anything and don't feel too out of place among the male students."

The training provides them with an introduction to group life and a preparation for working life. By doing an activity that generates income, they secure their livelihoods and their autonomy is strengthened.

"At the end of the course, the training material is given to the young people. This way, they are able to settle directly into economic life. The girls work in a job they like and become independent. These learners are trained in different fields such as: braiding and henna, hand embroidery, soap making..."