Ensuring Continuity and Security of Vegetable Production in Kosovo

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Less than a year from launching its operations, the first specialized vegetable seedling producer in Kosovo – Agro Bora – is ready to disseminate the first 400,000 seedlings to its contracted larger green-house owning farmers.

Agro Bora has been working on full capacity, and the first generation of seedlings for peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers that can be directly planted is now ready to reach its destination: 25 larger farmers across 9 regions in Kosovo. 

This new seedling facility is an important achievement for creating a sustainable production of seedlings in the country and continued expansion of the contracted farming system, which increases the financial security of farmers. “We have the capacity to produce at least 600,000 more seedlings, which we are planning to do,” says Flamur Syla, owner of Agro Bora, whose mission is to provide healthy vegetable seedlings for the farmers in Kosovo, and become a model of business endeavors in agribusiness growth.  The new specialized seedling facility is co-financed by Agro Bora and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), through the Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE) project.