Empowering Accessibility: Training on Installing Inclusive Plumbing Equipment  

Upskilling and Reskilling, Initial vocational education and training

Over the past two years of war in Ukraine, the number of people with special needs has significantly increased. Among them are veterans who have returned from the frontline on prosthetics or in wheelchairs, as well as civilians who were injured by mines. Some former military personnel also suffer from emotional disorders. Therefore, inclusive sanitary facilities can provide the necessary privacy for these and other socially vulnerable groups.

As part of their offer diversification, EdUP project supports vocational schools to attract a more diverse public to their educational programs. It is aiming to help vulnerable groups of people in acquiring skills necessary for their integration into society, offering them opportunities to pursue in-demand professions in the job market and to lead lives of dignity. 

The installation of inclusive restrooms is providing barrier-free access for students in VET schools, as well as an opportunity to acquire unique skills in installing such equipment.

A collaborative training session conducted by experts from Geberit and the EdUP project provided insights into the requirements for setting up inclusive restrooms. Masters from vocational education institutions involved in the project participated in this informative session. 

To establish such restrooms, a reinforced installation system featuring a wall-hung elongated toilet, touchless flush button and mixer, specially designed sink, and handrails is essential, - emphasized Geberit experts. It is also critically important to correctly install all components in compliance with building codes.  

The hands-on segment of the training involved practical work with restroom blueprints and equipment on display. An EdUP project expert demonstrated equipment installation and disassembly techniques. Participants arrived at the workshop with pre-made room plans for inclusive restrooms, and trainers guided them on proper equipment integration. Consequently, participants departed with finalized blueprints featuring properly placed toilets and sinks. 

It is important to note that Geberit has a separate line of inclusive sanitary systems. This equipment, which is perfectly adapted for barrier-free access, the company plans to provide to the VET institutions participating in the EdUP project.