EdUP sets the priorities for the next six-month

Initial vocational education and training
Further e-learning endeavors, a series of practical workshops for VET school teachers in collaboration with private sector partners, and strengthening cooperation with business – these priorities will define the EdUP agenda for the next period.

The Steering Committee of the ′′Public-Private Partnership to Improve Sanitary and Technical Education in Ukraine - EdUP′′ Project held a regular meeting to summarize recent activities and outline further steps towards the achievement of the mission and goals of the Project.

Attending the online meeting were the donors and key stakeholders of the project, including representatives of vocational schools throughout Ukraine.

"All that has been done within the Project so far has a great impact on the sector development."
Igor Garbaruk, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine

“The project is gaining momentum and attracting media attention, especially in recent months. The project attracts business attention. Leading companies in the sector express readiness to contribute to its implementation. The project attracts the attention not only of the Government of Ukraine, our longtime partner but also of the Government of Switzerland. Thus, on October 28, Vice President of Switzerland Ignacio Cassis visited Odesa, focusing on the development of vocational education in Ukraine. And we hope that the project will continue to gain momentum and attract more and more attention,” said Viktor Shutkevych, Deputy Director of the Swiss Development Cooperation at the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.

The recent activities within the Project were presented by EdUP Project manager Sonja Loosli. She also identified the key tasks to be implemented in the next few months: a series of practical workshops for VET school teachers in collaboration with private sector partners; training on creating and implementing business plans for TRC managers; facilitating e-learning by producing mobile applications for students and enhancing communication between educational institutions and businesses through visits and masterclasses.

“The Project activity is very important for business and the state. On the one hand, there are many construction sites in Ukraine that require skilled labor. On the other hand, a new draft law on vocational education is currently being developed. That's why we are riding the wave, doing important things and joining the vocational education reform,” commented Alexei Rakov, CEO of Geberit Trading LLC.

By means of a summary of the meeting, Martin Dietschi, Regional Director Eastern Europe at Swisscontact, noted that one or two school year cycles are needed to see the system changes. “Vocational training has been the key export of Swisscontact for many years, therefore this is a key project for us, and we look forward to hearing about further achievements in this area,” Mr. Dietschi was quoted as saying. 

About the EdUP Project

The Public-Private Partnership to Improved Plumbing Education (EdUP) is a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, in partnership with Geberit Trading LLC, implemented by Swisscontact and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Initial vocational education and training
Public Private Partnership to Improved Professional Education in Ukraine
Due to the war's impact and technological advancements, Ukraine faces a shortage of skilled labor across sectors, causing concern among companies. Employers are ready to provide competitive wages and modern resources but face challenges due to stereotypes about vocational school graduates. In response, the government has initiated vocational education reforms, emphasizing decentralized vocational education and training to align skills with local economic needs. The Ministry of Education and Science collaborates with businesses and organizations to enhance professional training quality, attract additional resources, and modernize education.