Diversified agricultural system for smallholder grain farmers in Manica

A vegetable production system is being introduced by the United Prupose (UP) project in Vanduzi and Sussundega district to increase the agricultural production of smallholder farmers. The objective is to increase the income of the smallholder cereal producers assisted by the UP outside the growing season of their main crop, which is cereals, which they have produced twice a year.

The initiative will allow producers to produce throughout the year, which was not the case before. “UP helped us a lot this year, years ago we only produced in the cereal season, but now we rotate the crop, we can produce throughout the year” said Mr. Campira Viagem, producer in Sussundega district.

Therefore, the UP is facilitating the training for associations of smallholder farmers in good agricultural practices, appropriate irrigation techniques using dams close to their fields, using conventional irrigation materials.

A way found to make the best use of land for the production of vegetables. For the first phase, vegetables such as cabbage and onions were introduced. Smallholder farmers are happy with this production system and they expect better results.

“We started to produce kale and we have been applying all the knowledge we learned in the training with UP, we are confident that we will be able to sell this kale here in the district because people travel long distances to have access to kale” said Mr. Prazer Jambo, president of the Association.

The initiative that is part of the FAR program is being implemented by United Prupose and aims to improve technical assistance to smallhoulders’ farmers and, consequently, to increase family production and income.