Development of a capacity building model for local economic development (LED) in Bangladesh

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
PRABRIDDHI is developing a capacity development model for Local Economic Development (SLED), in collaboration with the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University Rotterdam. The main objective of this initiative is to train national institutions, including the National Institute of Local Government (NILG), and other organizations such as the Municipal Association of Bangladesh (MAB), to build capabilities in the field of LED.

The goal of the Capacity Development Model on Sustainable Local Economic Development (SLED) for Bangladesh is to expedite the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the national level. This necessitates collaboration among the public, private, and civil society sectors. However, currently, there is limited evidence of established capacities, structures, and processes that enable local actors to take ownership of their economic development processes. PRABRIDDHI aims to bridge this gap through its Local Economic Development (LED) approach, working in collaboration with international LED experts.

Under this initiative, a team of consultants, led by Dr. Jan Fransen from Erasmus University, visited Bangladesh from 10th to 21st July 2023. Their objective was to conclude the first phase of this intervention, which includes conducting a training needs assessment. During their stay, they conducted multiple workshops with both public and private sector stakeholders of the project to gain a better grasp of their capacity needs. Additionally, they visited the municipalities of Bhairab and Bogura and met with the municipal officials, private stakeholders, and business leaders to assess their training needs to facilitate local economic development.

The consultants concluded their mission with a co-creation workshop in order to validate the findings of the assessment. Representatives from the Local Government Division, National Institute of Local Government, and PRABRIDDHI attended the event.  

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
PRABRIDDHI – Local Economic Development
PRABRIDDHI focuses on building the capacity of an urban or rural territory to create a competitive advantage for its enterprises through a broad set of activities and improve the economic well-being of its people and workers.