Cycle of Water – Lipi’s Story

Lipi Akhtar, a small grocery shop owner, is a loyal consumer of a water enterprise established by the project in Ashulia, Dhaka. Her journey from a young runaway bride with no experience nor possessions to becoming a shop owner is a story filled with laughter and tears. Her struggles taught her not to give up at the face of adversity. So, when her family was plagued by waterborne diseases, affecting their health and putting a strain on their financial condition, Lipi, a loving wife and mother, sought out the most dependable safe drinking water for her loved ones – the RO filtered water from Shujola’s water ATM.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Improve Access to Safe Water through Local Entrepreneurship ("Shujola")
The ready-made garments sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the Bangladeshi economy. The influx of workers from rural to urban areas and the high demand for housing in locations close to ready-made garments clusters have resulted in the rapid expansion of unregulated residential communities in urban and peri-urban areas of...