Creating Memorable Experiences for Tourists

Sustainable tourism
An experience within a destination, then another experience within that same destination, and so on until the last day of a tour. A trip that is marked not only by the places visited, the food tasted, or souvenirs bought – rather, a trip marked by experiences, some novel and some more or less familiar but in a new destination. These are the experiences that a tourist will bring back home.

In 2019, many Kosovo tourism product owners have taken the leap to enhance the country’s tourism offer with new products. 

As a destination of exciting outdoors, the already varied list of things to see and do in Pejë/Peć is further enriched by Marimangat with the new Via Ferrata 3 and a unique tourism product in the country– the Tibetan Bridge, the longest of this type in the Balkans at 41 meters length and 60 meters high. Wander Adventures brought a new hostel and camping site. The campsite in Shtupeq i Madh by Camping LLC in the heart of Rugova Canyon that is being developed will offer wooden glamping pods, a riverside beach area, open-air cinema and more. 

Known for the rich cultural and historical heritage, home to DOKUFEST, Prizren is emerging as a new spot for the adrenaline lovers. With Supercampers you can go off mountain biking and kayaking along the rivers in the area. Via Ferrata Panorama just joined the list of other similar trails in Kosovo, a product managed by Mountaineering Association SHARRI. With the pilots of Aero club SHKABA you can paraglide over the city to enjoy another type of view. 

In Prishtina, with its vibrant city life, coffee culture and monuments from different eras, you can still experience the rush of adrenaline, doing something different. RAZ Escape Room is a confined space near the city center where you can unlock a great mystery. If you opt for nature, the trail at the Bear Sanctuary offers a chance for a relaxing walk while learning about native species and their habitat. For medieval aficionados, in 2020 they can experience sword fights and more at the medieval-themed park in Gračanica/Graçanicë, a project of Ordo Draconis. 

Using the gifts of nature and human innovation, 2019 was marked by an abundance of ideas that came to fruition or are on the way to becoming the new experiences that the country will offer tourists in 2020, and make their Kosovo trip a memorable one. All these new products are a result of collaboration between all stakeholders in private and public sectors, with the support of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, each playing an active role in developing the tourism sector!