CFPAS graduates 74 young people in Electricity, Building Plumbing, Plumbing and Sewage, Supply and Pumping

A total of 74 young people who attended the vocational training courses graduated on January the 29th 2021 in the following specialties: Supply and Pumping (20), Building Plumbing (19), Plumbing and Sewerage (20) and Electricity (15). During the classes, the trainees received skills that will open doors for their inclusion in the job market. 

The graduates' speeches clearly showed their satisfaction for the training. Alice Eduardo, 27, trained in Plumbing and Sewage Systems said "I thank the teachers for the knowledge shared. I'm sure that we are able to put into practice all the acquired knowledge, turning it into productive ideas to achieve successful results".  

The Director of CFPAS, Pedro Ngale challenged the graduates to use the skills they acquired from the training to get a job or create self-employment by organizing small associations to generate income.

During the ceremony, the Director of Swisscontact, Régula-Chávez Malgiaritta emphasized the importance of continuing their studies through skills-based training "now you leave with knowledge of what to do, but it is important that you continue studying to gain more knowledge.

 The courses with a duration of 6 to 8 weeks allow young people to have more practical training, and at the end of the course a certificate with a set of skills they have acquired during the training that guarantees entry into the labor market.

With the Skills to Build project, Swisscontact promotes vocational training to enable vulnerable young people to get training that will enable them to access better jobs and incomes.