Celebrating International Women's Day with #InspireInclusion

At Swisscontact in Kenya, we are passionate about driving inclusive economic development. Empowering women is central to our mission, and this year's theme #InspireInclusion truly resonates with us.

Through projects like PropelA Dual Apprenticeship Programme, Skills for Life (S4L), and our Inclusive Financial Programme, we are directly addressing the need for inclusive economic opportunities for women. We are equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and financial resources they need to thrive. But we know we cannot do it alone. Collaboration is key. We are proud to partner with diverse stakeholders, like Daisy Awuor from Patronics Services Ltd, who emphasises the importance of inclusivity in celebrating women's achievements.

Swisscontact's  private sector partners from Davis & Shirtliff, Trident Plumbers Ltd and Patronics Services Ltd join us to celebrate International Women's Day 2024.
"It's crucial to celebrate women's achievements. They've always played essential roles in society. However, organisations must ensure inclusivity, so women's rights don't get sidelined."
Daisy Awuor, HR Manager, Patronic Services Ltd.
Swisscontact's PropelA project apprentices and trainers participate in celebrating International Women's Day 2024

Our amazing team members, like Ruth, Veroline, and Wakio, share inspiring messages of empowerment and resilience. They remind us that inclusivity is not just a goal, but a mindset we must embrace every day.

"For any young lady considering technical trades, remember: the limit is only in your mind. Enter those male-dominated spaces confidently and strive to excel. Believe in yourself – what a man can do, a woman has already done!"
Ruth - Plumbing Apprrentice, Dvais & Shirtliff
"As a woman in a technical field, encouraging other women to take these courses can be challenging. My message today: embrace technical skills! Don't be discouraged. Empower yourselves – these skills are valuable for your independence. The fulfillment of seeing your work come to life is unmatched."
Veroline Amadi - PropelA Electrical Trainer
Colleagues at Swisscontact in Kenya join the world to celebrate International Women's Day 2024.
"Celebrating IWD means reflecting on progress made and the work ahead. It's a constant reminder that investing in women strengthens our society. I'm proud to be part of an organization where inclusivity is paramount."
Cynthia Wakio, Communications Coordinator, Swisscontact, Kenya
Lillian Mwai, the Country Director, Kenya shares her message on what inclusion means to her.

Leading our dedicated team is Lillian Mwai, our Country Director, who believes that inclusion means providing opportunities for all, especially young girls from disadvantaged communities to excel globally.

"To me, inclusion means young girls from disadvantaged communities have the opportunity to excel globally. Supportive systems dedicated to nurturing their abilities and driving them towards a promising future are key."
Lillian Mwai, Country Director Swisscontact

Join us in inspiring inclusion and creating opportunities for a world with equal access to resources, opportunities, and representation. Learn more about our work at www.swisscontact.org. Together, let's make a difference! #IWD2024

Kenya, with its central location, extensive road network and port, is the economic hub of East Africa. In recent years, Kenya experienced steady economic growth and an expanding entrepreneurial middle class. Agriculture is the main economic driver contributing to 25% of its GDP. Kenya boasts of a relatively mature financial system with the fintech sector among the fastest growing in Africa.   

Kenya is a youthful country, with 75% of its population below 35 years. For years, Kenya has played a critical role in supporting humanitarian activities in the region and today serves as the second biggest refugee-hosting country in Africa. Kenya's focus lies on eradicating poverty and growing the economy through the Big Four Agenda that creates jobs in the fastest growing industries - manufacturing, food security, housing, and healthcare.