CDRC Holds a 2-Day Long Staff Orientation for the New Recruits of the Centre under M4C Project

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Char Development Research Centre (CDRC) of Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogura organized a two-day long orientation programme for the newly recruited field staff of the Char Development and Research Centre under the Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C) project.  The main objective of the training was to well equip the thirteen new recruits with understanding of M4C project’s activities and their respective roles in project implementation on field. The orientation programme included both in-class training and field activity. The programme was held at RDA premises maintaining adequate precaution and safety measures as required by the ongoing health security concerns due to Covid-19 pandemic.

On the evening of 24 August 2021, Chief guest, Mr. Khalil Ahmed, Director General (Additional Secretary), RDA, Bogura, inaugurated the orientation programme. Mr. Khalil shared RDA’s strategic commitment towards alleviation of rural poverty and noted RDA and M4C’s ongoing efforts in reducing vulnerability and improving livelihoods of char dwellers. He also emphasized the importance of the orientation programme in providing a strong starting ground for the new recruits in performing their respective roles.

The programme entailed numerous sessions from various faculties of RDA on their respective expertise which are also relevant to M4C project and CDRC’s upcoming activities. Ms. Jannat Adib Chowdhury, Senior Manager, Innovation and Knowledge Management of M4C started off the orientation programme on 25 August 2021 by presenting M4C project’s overall approach and objective to the newly recruited staff.  Alongside sessions on the potential of various working areas in chars and relevant aspects of RDA’s activities, further trainings enlightened the staff on Public and Private Sector Engagement and other transversal themes such as Gender Mainstreaming, Conflict Sensitive Project Management (CSPM), and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

The in-class training of the staff orientation programme concluded on 26 August 2021 with an elaborate presentation from Dr. Abdul Majid, Project Director of M4C. Dr. Majid provided the participants with an overview of the current year’s work plan and way ahead in implementation. On 27 August 2021, the orientation programme ended with a field day for the entire team of recruits under the leadership of Dr. Majid, Project Director of M4C. The interactive orientation programme enhanced the participants’ project knowledge, building a shared team spirit and enthusiasm among all.

M4C is a project mandated by the Embassy of Switzerland and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) and Cooperatives, Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and implemented by Swisscontact in collaboration with Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogura. M4C and CDRC, a specialised centre of the RDA of the GoB, are jointly working towards building market linkages for char development and reducing poverty and vulnerability of char households by enhancing opportunities for income generation.