Cambodia Tourism Minister Launches New Tourism Products in Kampot

Kampot food street, visitor flows, bicycle cart service and two provincial signature dishes were launched on December 18 under the presidency of H.E. Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Ministry of Tourism and H.E. Cheav Tay, Provincial Governor of Kampot province. The launch was strategically held just before Cambodia’s 8th Sea Festival 2019, which will take place in Kampot from December 20-22.

Newly developed market-led products are essential components that support the growth tourism sector in Cambodia as well as for the local economy. The products launched during the event include:

Food street is where food stalls are ready to serve hungry visitors with various selections of freshly cooked foods. Food street is an initiative by the Ministry of Tourism, finetuning through a competition in which university students in architecture got to showcase their designs and were judged based on different criteria.

Visitor flows (VIFO) strategically promotes a tourist destination by combining various of tourism products, services and industry to ensure visitors enjoy a full range of experiences during their stay at the destination. Currently, four visitor flows are developed by the Kampot Tourism Technical Industry Working Group (TTIWG) with support from Swisscontact.

Bicycle cart service provides visitors with an opportunity to tour around the town in the forgotten cycle rickshaw, which once was a daily transportation mode among the locals back when the motors had not taken over Kampot’s streets. Swisscontact supports Kampot Department of Tourism and TTIWG with the design and renovation of the bicycle cart, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism, the Royal University of Fine Arts.

Signature dishes of Seaweed Salad with Green Kampot Pepper and Palm Curry with Kampot Durian feature two prominent plants Kampot known for – pepper and durian. The development of the dishes, just like other products, has been supported by Swisscontact by linking public and private partnership to promote new recipes using local ingredients.

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Tourism sector has been one of the major economy drivers in Cambodia, standing just behind the garment and footwear sector and construction. With more than 6.2 million arrivals of international tourists, tourism sector contributed more than 4.37 billion USD to its economy in 2018.

Through the Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Programme (MIGIP), Swisscontact supports Kampot Provincial Department of Tourism, community-based eco-tourism sites and private sectors to develop market-led tourism products, strengthen public and private partnership, community development and local human resources through hospitality trainings.