Boosting dreams into reality - a story of determination

Valon Vishaj is a young, determined young man with a passion for furniture craftsmanship. Despite obstacles, Valon's ambition knows no boundaries.

At 34, Valon faced a challenging journey to secure stable employment, as his educational background in Natural Sciences did not advantage him in the job market. He was relying on a small social assistance of 120 euros per month for him and his family. Fuelled by the desire to change his circumstances, Valon set himself on a journey of self-improvement, seeking guidance and support from coaching for employment cycles, a program offered by coaches of The Employment Agency of the Republic of Kosovo trained by Boost Employment Project in partnership with the University of Applied Science and Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland.

During the exploring phase, Valon considered trying his hand at other professions, such as being a waiter or a barber, but he soon realized that his true passion lay in the realm of furniture crafting.

His breakthrough came with a position at Art Furniture Company, marking a transition from social assistance to an income of 350 euros per month, with extra pay for overtime. The positive attitude, determination, and newfound courage vital in this transformation, were expressed in his own words: 

"Never give up if one door closes, keep knocking on another"
Valon Vishaj, beneficiary of Boost Employment project in Kosovo

Valon aspires to become a master craftsman and aims to manage furniture production, driven by the lessons of patience, persistence, and positivity learned during the coaching journey. The coaching not only refined Valon's job-seeking skills but also improved his ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a team.

In Valon's experience is manifested the influence of coaching - how support and guidance can empower individuals to defeat obstacles and convert aspirations into reality. Through every furniture piece he crafts, Valon is shaping a brighter future for himself and his family.

This project is financed by the city of Zurich and Medicor Foundation. As part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, it is co-financed by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA).

Albania, Kosovo
Labour market insertion
Boost Employment: Continued efforts for labour market inclusion in Albania and Kosovo
After the successful 10-year intervention for the employability and economic integration of marginalized and youth groups - based on the “Coaching for Employment” methodology - Boost Employment Project brings Swisscontact’s support to labour market in Albania and Kosovo to another level.