B-SkillFUL Publishes Skills Training Materials

B-SkillFUL project of Swisscontact Bangladesh arranged a ceremony at its office premise on 20 August 2019 to unveil skills training materials developed by the project in collaboration with industry experts. Among the attendees, members of B-SkillFUL steering committee including Ameena Chowdhury, Programme Manager – Income and Economic Development, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC); Selima Ahmad, M.P., President, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI) along with Anirban Bhowmik, Country Director, Swisscontact Bangladesh, and team members of the project were present at the occasion.

While unveiling the training materials, Manfred Fernholz, European Union (EU) delegate to Bangladesh and Ms. Ameena Chowdhury congratulated the B-SkillFUL team for developing the materials. They also expressed their hope that the updated material will enhance the quality of skills delivery for B-SkillFUL graduates.

As one of its primary objectives, B-SkillFUL project is committed to improve quality of skills training in Bangladesh, especially for the poor men and women who work in the informal sector of the country. In this backdrop, some existing training materials were reviewed, and some were newly developed to improve training delivery of 30 training service providers spread across 6 districts of the country. Upgraded version of ToT Manual for instructors, Common Module that covers generic part of all curricula, Curriculum Guides for 5 informal sector occupations and an LRDW Booklet to raise awareness on labour rights and decent work were unveiled at the event. B-SkillFUL Training Operations unit with help of external local and international consultants carried out the entire assignment.

The contents of the materials are coherent with the national curricula and have been updated by incorporating feedback from industry experts and highly experienced skilled workers. These materials have been updated considering the evolving industry demand. Additionally, the Booklet on LRDW aims at sensitising the informal sector enterprise owners on Decent Work agenda along with Labour Laws. The project believes that addition of Decent Work in curricula will pave the path for integrating LRDW agenda in national Technical and Vocational Education and Training system. The contents of the Booklet have already been used to provide LRDW orientation to nearly 40,000 enrolled in partner training service providers of B-SkillFUL.

In addition to the above personalities, Member (Joint  Secretary), National Skills Development Authority (NSDA), Mohammad Rezaul Karim; S M Shahjahan, Deputy Director, Accreditation, Bangladesh Technical  Education Board (BTEB) and Mahbubul Islam, Member Secretary, Informal Sector Industry Skills Council (IS-ISC) were present during the unveiling ceremony.

B-SkillFUL Phase I (2015-2020) is jointly funded by the SDC and EU and implemented by Swisscontact. The project aims to improve the well-being of 40,000 poor and disadvantaged men and women by increasing their access to the labour market and enhancing their incomes, while safeguarding their fundamental rights at work. The project facilitates implementation of training programmes through local Training Service Providers (TSPs) on demand driven skills. B-SkillFUL also raises awareness amongst the graduates and informal sector enterprises on issues of LRDW.