Assessing the InGuider Internship Model

Sustainable agriculture
On March 21, 2023, the Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture hosted an evaluation workshop in collaboration with the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (FAE) at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA).

The purpose of this workshop was to assess the effectiveness and outcomes of the InGuider internship model, with the aim of fostering continuous improvement and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The primary objective of the workshop was to thoroughly examine and assess the InGuider model by evaluating the execution of the internship program from 2019 to 2022. This comprehensive review focused on identifying the challenges faced, achievements attained, and lessons learned during this period. Additionally, the workshop facilitated discussions on potential improvements and next steps to enhance the effectiveness of the InGuider Model moving forward.

"Doing reflection and revising the InGuider internship model is not only important to us, but also other faculties and divisions since we aim to expand the model to the newly established Career Center of RUA this year."
Dr. Dyna Theng, Vice Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Biosystem Engineering 

During the workshop, a comprehensive progress update was presented, which included an overview of the InGuider Internship Model 2019-2022. The evaluation of the InGuider Model consisted of four stages: Stage 1 - Faculty Preparation, Stage 2 - Partnering with Private Companies, Stage 3 - Establishing Partnerships with Private Companies, and Stage 4 - Intern Monitoring & Evaluation. This thorough evaluation was conducted by the Faculty of Engineering to ensure the effectiveness and success of the internship program and it allowed faculty members to revisit each step, highlight challenges and opportunities, and provide additional inputs for improving InGuider’s technical process.

The achievements of InGuider which included, other faculties starting to offer the internship program to students and adopting the InGuider handbook was also highlighted. Furthermore, In January 2022, faculties learned key lessons from FAE on private sector partnerships and adapted tools from the InGuider handbook, such as contracts, training topics, and MoUs with companies. By March 2023, the Vice-rector in charge of the Career Center expressed interest in bringing the InGuider model to the university level, and since, other faculties have started developing approaches to engage students in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Moving forward, Swisscontact will work closely with FAE and the newly established Career Center to institutionalize the InGuider model at the university level. In 2023, InGuider has set a goal to be incorporated into the annual career fairs organized by the Royal University of Agriculture. This strategic integration will enable a larger number of students to gain knowledge about InGuider and subsequently facilitate the expansion of the model in a more efficient manner.

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Sustainable agriculture
Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture 
The project promotes appropriate technologies and extension services for a sustainable intensification of agricultural production leading to reduced negative impacts on the environment including an improved soil health that allows smallholder farmers to increase their productivity and income.