Agronomists of Agricultural Pharmacies Enhance Knowledge of Best Practices of Seedling Cultivation

The relationship between early care for the vegetable seed and growth of healthy seedlings of the required quality depends on good agricultural practices that are largely promoted and supported by the agricultural pharmacies, which are an important link in the chain of agricultural production.
On 28 February 2019, the Association of Agricultural Input Dealers with the support of PPSE kicked off a series of three-day training programs designed for agronomists working for agricultural pharmacists with a focus on good agricultural practices in cultivation of vegetables. On day one of the training with agronomists from the region of Rahovec/Orahovac, a lively discussion between trainer Ismet Babaj and participants covered a broad range of topics from grafting of cucurbits, to the proper ratio of light, water and temperature to encourage healthy burgeoning of cotyledons and result in healthy seedlings. The theoretical training will continue on 1 March, to be followed by a day of field training on management factors and conditions for vegetable cultivation.