A Tibetan Bridge in Kosovo to Enhance Visitor Experience

Sustainable tourism
A unique tourism product is now available to all people visiting Pejë/Peć mountains in western Kosovo.

The “Tibetan Bridge” that was inaugurated on 19 November 2019 is currently the longest bridge of this type in the Balkans at 41 meters of length and at 60 meters of height. 

“We stand witness to an extraordinary innovation in our municipality, the ‘Tibetan Bridge’ that leads you to the new Via Ferrata ‘Marimangat’. With this product our integrated adventure tourism package becomes richer enhancing the tourism potential of the Municipality,” said Xhenetë Syka, Municipal Director for Economic Development. 

This new product is a capital project financed by the Municipality of Pejë/Peć, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through PPSE Project and is implemented by the association “Marimangat e Pejës”.