A new television programme to empower the youth of Alta Verapaz

Swisscontact is bringing information and awareness of sexual and reproductive health to young people in Alta Verapaz, one of the poorest departments in Guatemala. For this purpose, a television programme was recently created to contribute to the prevention of teenage pregnancies and violence. This initiative is implemented together with the Municipality of Cobán and the local health department (DASAV) of the Ministry of Health.

The television programme "Vivamos en Armonía" is part of a larger campaign by the name “Wank Sa´tuqtuukilal”, meaning "Let's Live in Harmony" in the local Mayan language. Through the campaign, Swisscontact has sensitised more than 7'500 young men and women from 180 communities about their sexual and reproductive rights and about ways to prevent gender-based violence.

The TV programme seeks to raise awareness, inform and improve decision-making among the young people of Alta Verapaz, mainly in the areas of comprehensive education, sexuality, prevention of violence and care work. It will inform the young people in a socio-educational way, with regard to human rights and women's rights in particular, thus promoting gender equality. These are fundamental topics that contribute to the promotion of women's empowerment in all communities. 

Swisscontact supports this initiative through the EMPODERA project, which is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. This video (in Spanish) explains the project's efforts to empower women in the region of Alta Verapaz.

The contents of the programme comply with the local health programmes and is coordinated with the National Plan for the Reduction of Teenage Pregnancy (PLANEA). It airs on Sundays 19:00 hrs on the municipal cable channel (Channel 98). To increase audience reach and bring the topic specifically to young people, it is also broadcast on municipal and institutional social networks (Vivamos en Armonía Facebook), web platforms and YouTube channels (presented on Muni Cobán by the Municipality of Cobán).

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