45 years of Swisscontact in Ecuador: 1973-2019 – a look back

There are few countries in which Swisscontact has had a longer presence than in Ecuador. For 45 years, Swisscontact has been assisting this country in its efforts to develop. A series of videos provides an overview of the various fields where Swisscontact has worked in Ecuador. Many people who have worked with Swisscontact feature in these video and explain the legacy our projects have had. Videos in Spanish with English subtitles.
Swisscontact in Ecuador 1973 - 2019
There are only a few countries where Swisscontact was present longer than in Ecuador.  For 45 years Swisscontact has supported the country in its efforts to develop. Swisscontact closed its country office as of January 2020. This does not mean that we will not work anymore in Ecuador in the future. We welcome new opportunities to contribute to the country's well-being, for example through the inclusion of Ecuador in regional projects. In a series of videos, partners, employees and customers look back. They tell how the impact of the projects is still visible today.