Improve Quality of Crops

Goal: to improve the provision of extension services that help farmers access new technologies that can improve their crop quality.

Key Highlights

  • MIGIP partnered with East West Seed Foundation (EWSF) to train 25 lead farmers on vegetable production. With continuous support provided to the farmers over three vegetable cycles, the farmers will be better equipped to use the knowledge they received to continue their vegetable production. 5 out of the 25 lead farmers were selected to become Vegetable Learning Centres.
Chhun Ear, Farmer’s Friend for Vegetable Production, in Oddar Meanchey province
  • MIGIP partnered with Angkor Green, a distributor of agro-chemical products and agricultural machinery. The partnership focused on establishing Mango Learning Centres (LC). LCs are led by lead farmers that pass on information on good mango production practices to other farmers. The LCs now has morphed into the HUSO (Hub and Spoke) model.
Hak Chhay is one of Angkor Green's lead farmers in mango plantation for Kampong Chhnang province.
  • MIGIP partnered with SmartAgro, to encourage farmers to use and produce cover crop seeds. The company encourages farmers to produce cover crop seed and sells it to other farmers who practice Conservation Agriculture (CA).

CA is a sustainable agriculture practice that is proven to help improve soil health. The three principles of CA include minimal mechanical soil disturbance (i.e., no tillage), permanent soil organic cover and species diversification.CA/SI improves soil fertility, reduces labour, conserves water, increases yield, sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, and increases smallholder farmer’s income. As such, to fulfill one of the principles of cover crop, there needs to be a constant supply of cover crop seed. However, cover crop is yet to be commercially available to the Cambodian farmers.

So far, SmartAgro has produced about 30 tonnes of 12 varieties of cover crops seed, which can cover 1,500 ha of farmland area. 

Watch: HUSO Model