Accessibility and affordability to production means, such agricultural machineries (no-till seeder, roller crimper) and services that are specific to Conservation Agriculture and seeds of cover crops are emphasized as one of the main bottlenecks to foster the dissemination of such agroecological systems.

To address the accessibility, affordability of viable cover crop seeds, KropuchKasekor (Seeds to farmers) would need to be established and led by Department of Crop Seeds (DCS) to support the local production and supply system for cover crop. The ISA project team is currently working with the Department of Crop Seed to discuss on KropuchKasekor. There is only on national producer Smart Agro established, however the cover crop seeds prove to be expensive for small holder farmers. There is a need to produce seeds locally so that the costs can be kept low.

Aims and Objectives

KropuchKasekor aims to support Agricultural Cooperatives, private local service providers, and farmers/service providers to foster the uptake of cover crops in Cambodia. KropuchKasekor expects, to improve the transition of regenerative agriculture and importantly improve their farming systems and generate more income through the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

Institutionalization Vision

KropuchKasekor aims to be institutionalized within the government system, specifically within the Department of Crop Seed.

KropuchKasekor in the Making

Raising awareness on cover crop use
In 2018, cover crop was yet to be commercially available to the Cambodian farmers. MIGIP partnered with Natural Farm Kirirom (NFK), now known as SmartAgro, to encourage farmers to use and produce cover crop seeds.
Decision to promote cover crops as a part of CA practices through MetKasekor Model
ISA project signed a partnership agreement with Smart Agro to promote cover crops as a part of CA practices through the Metkasekor Model and supported in the identification of the right mixes of cover crops with sales of 5.4 tons of cover crops. A bottleneck with regards to cover crop seeds registration was also identified, which meant that new farmers beyond projects are still limited on credibility of the products.
Discussion on the need of a steering mechanism
To effectively and efficiently promote Cover Crops in Cambodia, a need for development of a proper strategy was identified. Therefore, there is ongoing discussion on the establishment of a steering mechanism that focuses on introducing and promoting cover crops to smallholder farmers.