Subsidiary Companies

Our subsidiaries ensure close customer contact and provide a wide range of consulting, advisory services, and practical hands-on training. They also engage in applied research.
The Springfield Centre

Specialists in the ART of systems development

In a decisive strategic move, Springfield Centre has become part of Swisscontact, helping to better deliver our shared goal of reducing poverty through sustainable and inclusive economic development. By joining forces, Swisscontact and Springfield Centre are in the position to offer high quality services in project implementation, advisory services, specialized training offers and applied research. 

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Swisscontact Services AG

Contributing to the reduction of economic disparities while developing a tourism destination responsibly is the guiding principle of Swisscontact Advisory Services.
With 20 years of expertise in developing innovative solutions, we provide customised, result-oriented technical guidance and capacity building schemes that prove sustained effectiveness.

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Swisscontact North America Inc.

Swisscontact North America is a public charity, subsidiary to Swisscontact, which received its 501(c)(3) ruling as a public charity in 2008.

Swisscontact North America offers private donors based in the US the possibility to engage in partnerships with our foundation.

Board Members

  • Jay L. Bruns, Senior Climate Policy Advisor, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
  • Therese Feng, Vice President of Research, The Climate Service (TCS)
  • Ruth Moloney, Director, 6 Point Partners Inc.
  • Guy A. Reiss, Managing Partner, Reiss + Colleagues P.C.
  • Philippe Schneuwly, CEO, Swisscontact
  • Mark Silverman, Managing Partner, Alberdi Advisory Corporation
  • Samuel Bon, Former CEO, Swisscontact


  • Chairman: Philippe Schneuwly, CEO / Executive Director, Swisscontact
  • Treasurer: Therese Feng, Vice President of Research, The Climate Service (TCS)
  • Secretary: Guy A. Reiss, Managing Partner, Reiss+Colleagues P.C.

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