Outstanding projects within the region


Vocational Training Support Programme

The programme advances the employability of young people and the attractiveness of vocational training. The programme thus contributes to establishing public-private partnerships and facilitating the emergence of multi-stakeholder governance. The programme consists of different components, offering:

  • Post-diploma training for young people to specialise according to the needs of the labour market
  • Practical training in agricultural training centres, while simultaneously strengthening the integration of centres into their economic environment
  • Practical training and professional integration of employees, unemployed and first-time job seekers through training companies
  • Short-term training courses targeted to specific, practical needs following an upstream needs analysis
  • Support to the National Public Service Reform Plan of the Ministry of Professional Training and Employment
  • Trainings for entrepreneurs as well as HR managers



Sustainable Tourism Programmes

The programmes support regional provinces in developing sustainable tourism in collaboration with specific sectors to reduce poverty, create jobs and increase incomes. All programmes actively maximise the benefits for the regions while minimising the negative social and environmental impacts. The programmes contribute to the attractiveness of selected regions through new approaches and skills for the development of sustainable, diversified and inclusive tourism. Project activities include:

  • Marketing positioning of destinations and new marketing instruments, new regional tourism governance, product diversification and new sustainable tourism products
  • Vocational education and training to meet the qualification needs of existing alternative accommodation and related services.
  • Adaptation of laws, regulations and sustainable standards




Labour Market Insertion

Programme activities provide enterprises, young women and men from vulnerable backgrounds with opportunities for productive employment and self-employment, so they become empowered to create resilient livelihoods for themselves. Interventions take place at different levels of the labour insertion process. More specifically, at the demand level, it strengthens enterprises in their role of economy leaders and job creators, through business support activities for enterprises in select economic sectors. On the supply level, it promotes life and soft skills, provides advice and guidance on labour market opportunities and facilitates access to supporting financial and technical services. Business hubs within the ecosystem deliver support to enterprises in the form of networking, training, and market access. Coaches are trained in the C4EE (Coaching for Employment & Entrepreneurship) approach to implement coaching cycles for a period up to 10 months, during which the participants learn about their interests, engage in the world of labour and realistically assess and build their capabilities for employment or self-employment.

C4EE’s placement rate is 60% for the target group having enhanced their mindsets and skills on their way to labour market integration.