Issa Torres

Advisor Inclusive Economic Development

Products & Solutions


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Catalan

Field experience
Aruba, Brazil, Cabo Verde, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Djibouti, Ecuador, France, Iran, Mauritania, Panama, Peru, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Venezuela.

Issa Torres is a sustainable tourism expert, with more than 14 years of experience in the public, private and academic sector in the field of sustainable tourism, protected areas, cultural heritage, ecotourism and hospitality skills development. She holds a Master's degree in Cultural Tourism, a Master’s Degree in Project Management and a Bachelor in Tourism.

Reference projects

Key qualifications in sustainable tourism include:

  • Team Leader for the consultancy Developing a Sustainable Tourism Circuit in South Rupununi Guyana: Product Development, Assessments, Marketing and Capacity Building
  • Leading the Rapid Evaluations of 14 tourism destinations in Peru for the World Bank
  • Team Leader and Tourism specialist, Design and Implementation of Integrated Destination Evaluations to support the Development of the Tourism Sector in Peru for the World Bank Group
  • Developing the tourism sustainability standards for Panama for six sectors (hotels, restaurants, tour operators, tour guides, transport providers, and local communities) for the Ministry of Environment & Panama Tourism Authority, funded by the IDB
  • Elaborating the Sustainable Tourism Indicators System for Dominican Republic for UNDP
  • Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic, Action Agenda & Tourism Carrying Capacity Study for Aruba
  • Leading the Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas
  • Leading a Training Needs Assessment to support capacity building for sustainable Tourism Development in Cabo Verde for UNDP
  • Review and strengthen birdwatching tourism programmes for vocational education programmes in Colombia
  • Consultant for the strategic development of the tourism sectorial activity in Djibouti for the project “Support for Women and Youth Entrepreneurship”, funded by the World Bank
  • Coordinating the Strategic Vision and Action Plan for Ecotourism in Panama’s Protected Areas
  • Review of the Kosovo Tourism Recovery Strategy and leading Ecotourism planning workshop for UNDP
  • Community-based tourism development projects, in Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia

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