Rob Hitchins

Advisor Inclusive Economic Development

Products & Solutions


English; Indonesian/Malaysian

Focus areas

  • Development policy, strategy and theory of change
  • Inclusive economic development and inclusive business
  • Private sector engagement and development, public-private sector partnership
  • Systemic approaches (market system development / inclusive system development)
  • Sustainability

Field experience

  • Adviser and backstopper to a variety of implementation initiatives in Africa and Asia-Pacific (see below)
  • Worked in over 30 countries

Reference projects

  • Market Development Facility (Asia-Pacific, funded by Australia and New Zealand)
  • PRISMA (Indonesia, funded by Australia)
  • Katalyst (Bangladesh, multiple funders)
  • Private Sector Promotion Project (Nepal, funded by Germany)
  • Kenya Markets Trust and Gatsby Foundation (East Africa, multiple funders)
  • Propcom (Nigeria, funded by United Kingdom)
  • ENABLE (Nigeria, funded by United Kingdom)
  • Partnership for Niger Delta (Nigeria, funded by Chevron)
  • SEMA (Uganda, multiple funders)
  • MicroSave (East Africa, multiple funders)
  • CGAP (global, multiple funders)
  • Centre for Financial Inclusion (global, multiple funders)