Recognition of prior learning

PROMOST determined that many tradespeople already possess extensive skills but no official documented recognition thereof. Therefore, PROMOST implemented a programme called “Recognition of Prior Learning” (RPL) in the three countries. The goal was to gain recognition of the skills of tradespeople who had no formal education, putting them in a position to be able to compete locally and internationally.

In collaboration with private sector actors and vocational training institutes, PROMOST developed skills standards. Tradespeople who applied to the RPL mechanism for accreditation had to pass a series of tests, which were conducted in various formats. These were largely tests designed for different trades or workplace assessments, or a combination thereof. PROMOST recruited both public and private testers in each country to conduct the tests.

RPL is an important tool used to improve opportunities for skilled labour without formal qualifications, both in terms of securing jobs and promoting independent businesses.  It is a successful initiative that has gained recognition in most regional vocational education design concepts.