Annette Altvater

Head of Impact Measurement & Learning 

Products & Solutions, Wider Management Team

English; Spanish; French; Kiswahili

Focus areas

  • Knowledge Management, Exchange & Learning
  • Instructional Design of work-based digital learning
  • Consultancy assignments with the purpose to carry out ‘Mid-term Reviews’ and ‘Monitoring and Results Measurement
  • Design and manage applied research with the purpose to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and project design
  • Management of national surveys with multiple stakeholders involved

Field experience

  • Swisscontact Global Office, Worldwide
  • Project design and management; implementation of research projects focusing on the demand & barriers to accessing & using financial services, youth, livelihood and agriculture development in East- and Southern Africa

Reference projects

  • Development of Strategic Digital Learning Offer Strategy & Governance for Swisscontact worldwide
  • Socio economic fieldwork, Christian Michelsen institution (CMI), Norway
  • Tanzania Gender Program to Support Health - TGPSH funded by the GiZ
  • African, the Caribbean and Pacific’ - ACP Observatory funded by IOM
  • Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion- CENFRI; Economic Policy Research Centres - EPRC
  • Cooperation - SDC in Tanzania
  • FinScope Survey Tanzania 2013
  • Agricultural Finance Market Scoping Survey 2011 in Tanzania
  • FinScope Survey 2009
  • FinScope survey 2006 e-book and implementer’s manual
  • Co-ordinator of the FinScope survey 2006

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