Projet sur le retour des migrants (angl.)

This project addresses one of the most pressing humanitarian crises in Central America. Thousands of migrants are forced every year to return to their home countries. Back in their country, many returning migrants face difficulties: although most returnees have no criminal background, the deportees are perceived as criminals by their fellow citizens and have difficulty integrating into the labour market. At the same time, these practically experienced skilled workers bear great potential as there is a demand for qualified workers in growing economic sectors.
El Salvador
Durée du projet
2021 - 2023
Financé par
  • Union européenne

The project

This project contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of migrant returnees and internally displaced persons and their families in El Salvador. It promotes the reintegration of returnees and displaced migrants from an economic and social perspective. At the economic level, it addresses the main challenges for the search for employment and the development of sustainable enterprises. At the social level, the project is framed within a rights-based approach and incorporates a vision based on reestablishing the conditions of rootedness of both groups.


  • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
  • Ministerio de Trabajo

Expected Results

  • Strengthened leadership and capacities of civil society in establishing partnerships with territorial and sectoral actors (public and private), in the promotion and defence of the human rights of returned and internally dislocated migrants and their families.
  • Improved capacities of civil society and public institutions for advocacy and implementation of public policies, empowering returned and internally displaced migrants and their families.
  • Multisectoral alliances and viable instruments for the economic reintegration of returned and internally dislocated migrants are 
  • Increase the adoption of good practices