FOMILENIO II Nouvelles certifications de qualification pour la formation professionnel (angl.)

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of vocational education and adapt the courses offered to job seekers to the demands of the labour market. Newly participating sectors actively helping to design training curricula include construction, fowl, sugar, and tourism. Through their participation, they are ensuring the trainings reflect the needs of the labour market. Project interventions are based on developing professional and technical skills to meet the demands in the specific sectors of production. In addition to enhancing technical skills, the new competence-oriented training component imparts cross-cutting social and personal skills and methodologies.

Project activities include designing training programmes for prioritised professions in the construction, fowl, sugar, and tourism sectors in accordance with the competence-oriented approach. The course curricula are designed with only the needs of the specific production sectors in mind.
The methodical project approach brings all relevant actors on board from the various sectors of production; their active involvement ensures the training programmes are well thought-out and implemented. This helps increase productivity and employability of the beneficiaries seeking jobs.

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Development of 16 skills profiles for selected jobs in the construction, fowl, sugar, and tourism sectors. The definition of specific industry standards serves as the basis for formulating the training curricula.

  • 20 skills profiles of the jobs prioritised by sectors (design and validation), in addition to the corresponding job profiles.
  • 20 technical standards of labour competence for each prioritised job.
  • 5 curricular meshes of the training programs of each job position with their respective module descriptors.
  • 20 training programmes that include the respective practical training programme for each job described.

The following results were obtained by surveying job profiles, skills profiles and training programme designs for the country's five productive sectors:

  •     20 DACUM letters or competence map.
  •     20 job profiles.
  •     20 lists of tools, equipment and expendable materials.
  •     20 lists of protective equipment to be used.
  •     50 productive functions associated with the prioritized occupations.
  •     180 elements of competence or tasks identified.
  •     20 standard profiles associated to the prioritized occupations.
  •     5 curricula of prioritized occupations.
  •     51 training modules.
  •     180 learning units.