Manuela Kälbling

Advisor Monitoring & Results Measurement 

Products & Solutions

Field experience
Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal

German, English, French

Focus areas

  • Designing of Theory of Change, Logframes, Results Chains, Indicators
  • Development or MRM Tools for data collection, storage, processing and visualization (e.g. digitalizing MRM systems – on project and organizational level)
  • Designing and implementing specific studies and analysis (e.g. impact assessments, overall project evaluations, economic and financial analysis such as cost-benefit analysis, etc.)
  • Capacity building / training of MRM staff and project teams

Reference projects

Perfectionnement et requalification, Insertion au marché du travail
Des compétences pour construire (Skills to Build)
Mid-term evaluation of the project.
Insertion au marché du travail
Coaching pour l’emploi et l’entrepreneuriat - Insertion professionnelle pour les jeunes défavorisés
Support in development of the MRM System and capacity building.
Agriculture durable
Sahaj - Programme de développement des marchés agricoles au Népal (angl.)
Review of MRM System, capacity building of project team.
Burkina Faso
Development of digital MRM System, MRM field officer, support in mid-term evaluation of the project.
Burundi, Rwanda, RD Congo
Education et formation initiales et continues
Promotion de la formation professionnelle axée sur le marché et de la création d'emplois dans la région des Grands Lacs (angl.)
Development of digital MRM System, capacity building in MRM, continuous backstopping support in MRM.
Switzerland SECO MRM Mandate
Advisory for the development of the MRM System for the SECO mandate to improve Swiss industry's access to large-scale foreign infrastructure projects.
Various projects in Niger
Capacity building in MRM of entire SC staff Niger.
Switzerland Comundo MRM Mandate
Advisory to coach and support Comundo in the development of their MRM System on organizational level.