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Coaching pour l'emploi et l'entrepreneuriat pour des migrants de retour (angl.)

The number of emigrants that have returned to Albania over the last years is estimated at 100'000. The project is creating good grounds for reintegration of returning migrants. It strives to improve the livelihood of the returnees and marginalized youth groups in Albania. Moreover, it enhances the capacities of civil society and private sector to become active players in short and long-term job creation models.

The project is focusing on various issues:

  • Social inclusion: Disadvantaged groups including returned migrants in Albania are often left behind. These groups require specific multi-dimensional policies tailored towards their characteristics and needs in terms of education, qualifications and employment.
  • Gender-equality: Women have much lower labour force participation and higher inactivity rates than men. Furthermore, their participation in the world of work at the lower end of the qualification ladder is limited to a few typical female job profiles for cultural reasons. Gender balance in Albania is still very much affected by traditions of separate tasks for men and women. Swisscontact promotes equal participation of young women and men in the coaching processes.
  • Cooperation between public institutions and the private sector is still weak.

Le projet

Coaching for Employment (C4E) is an innovative concept for labor market insertion and socio-economic development of youth which is successfully implemented in Albania since 2010. The C4E approach brings together practical interventions at the level of local partners, local resources and innovation. It is an added value to other existing market offers, by preparing returning migrants and marginalized groups to familiarize with the world of work before they decide their career pathways.

Participants are accompanied on their respective path into social development and employment by trained coaches. On this path participants explore the market, do short and/or long internship periods in private companies, fill gaps in general education, implement community projects, acquire life skills, and get inserted in the labor market. The coaches will be trained to assess participants’ skills prior to entering the coaching cycles based on a pre-assessment and segmentation approach and decide at what stage they will be part of the process.

The main project activities are:   

  1. Civil society and private sector coaches are capacitated in coaching for employment and labor market integration approaches through training of coaches / mentors’ processes;
  2. Coaching for employment cycles are implemented by civil society organizations with returnees and marginalized participants based on the coaching for employment methodology.
  3. Coaching for employment cycles are implemented by private sector companies with returnees and marginalized participants based on the coaching for employment methodology.

Target group: Returned migrants from EU countries (including Germany) and marginalized groups in Albania.

Working areas for this project are: Bajram Curri, Lushnje, Fier, Vlore, Berat, Tirane, Sarande, Kavaja, Pogradec, Gjirokaster, Lezhe and Shkoder. 


The aim of this approach is to increase the knowledge of the returned migrants and other youth categories about the labour market, to create grounds for validating the migratory professional experiences and to facilitate their labour market insertion.

Among other interventions, the project will aim at matching the skills of the participants developed in the coaching cycles for employment with business needs through practical approaches.

Partenaire du projet

Selected NGO service providers:

  • Jobis Center
  • Initiative for Social Change Arsis
  • Tree of Life Center
  • Integration Association
  • Code Partners
  • Albcontact Center
  •  Association Gender, Peace and Security
  • IRCA

Selected private company service providers:

  • Vocational Professional Center Agroni
  • Food and Wellbeing Association
  • Harmonia Hotels Group

Pays du projet

  • Albanie

Durée du projet

2019 - 2020


  • GIZ

Domaine de travail


Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
Hardturmstrasse 123
CH-8005 Zürich

Tel. +41 44 454 17 17
Fax +41 44 454 17 97