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Uttoron - Skills for better life (ing.)

Uttoron is a skills development project that aims to create gainful employment opportunities for 1,400 community members in three eastern districts of Bangladesh (Sylhet, Moulavibazar and Habiganj). The project is supporting community members to qualify for industry-driven trainings and positioning them for new or improved employment opportunities. Through acquiring the market-oriented skills and meaningful jobs, these community members are getting the opportunity to increase their income and improve their living standards.

Uttoron is raising awareness on the benefits of participating in industry-oriented trainings among the targeted community members. Through this project, enthusiast and eligible community members are receiving trainings on pre-vocational qualifications and various soft skills. The trainings are preparing the community members for jobs in regional and national industries. Additionally, through Uttoron, selected candidates are gaining access to formal trainings offered by 'Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)' which is being implemented by Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh and financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Uttoron's adaptive approach for promoting community-based trainings on formal employment and self-employment opportunities highly encourages women and minority (ethnic or religious) community members to participate.

El proyecto

The three-year project is funded by Chevron under the Bangladesh

Partnership Initiative (BPI) and being implemented by Swisscontact.

Key Activities

  • Identify trades and job placement opportunities suitable for targeted beneficiaries
  • Raise awareness amongst community members about the benefits of and opportunities for skills training
  • Identify and select youth having the right aspiration for training and motivate them for training and employment
  • Develop capacity of training service providers to deliver relevant industry-oriented trainings
  • Support selected community youths to participate in SEIP-conducted trainings and job placement
  • Facilitate delivery of skills trainings, certification and job placements through local training service providers


Expected Results

  • 700 community youth will be enrolled in SEIP-conducted trainings who will later become entrepreneurs or be employed in their skills related jobs across the country
  • 700 community youth will be trained by the selected local training service providers who will later be employed in their skills related jobs within Sylhet region or be an entrepreneur at their communities

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