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Programa de desarrollo de la infraestructura económica y comercial PDIEM (ingl.)

The programme objective is to contribute to rural economic and institutional development in the Borgou and Alibori Departments, driven by sustainable infrastructure projects.
The improvement of conditions for business professionals will help to increase institutional capacity at the municipal level thanks to revenues from taxes and improved quality of life of private sector actors (producers, livestock farmers, artisans, and merchants) as well as local collectives. This will be achieved through sustainable infrastructure and business development projects. The programme is being implemented by the SNV-APIC-SWISSCONTACT consortium under the lead of SNV Benin.

El proyecto

The programme objectives are as follows:

  • Economic stimulus: economic and business infrastructure will stimulate markets and trade of local products
  • Growth in the capacity of municipal governments to generate and manage investment: municipalities and construction market managers build and manage infrastructure sustainably, making effective investments
  • Boosting local entrepreneurship and value addition: local construction businesses (masons, small and medium enterprises) create jobs and generate income thanks to markets acquired in infrastructure projects that favour local potential (local resources and green energy).

The third component, implemented by Swisscontact Benin, involves supporting local construction professionals and entrepreneurs by strengthening their technical capacities to build local infrastructure and enable them to access markets. The programme will use existing local institutions to involve local professional associations in sensitizing and training construction professionals. It also will promote private initiatives to produce local materials in order to ensure their market sustainability and facilitate market access by building infrastructure beyond the programme itself.


    • Local SME construction professionals and entrepreneurs will have acquired enough capacity to participate in and carry out local infrastructure projects
    • Local materials will be available and used to build infrastructure
    • Local construction professionals and businesses will have gained adequate business management capacity  
    • Microenterprises (MSMEs) and local construction professionals will be trained and supported through the creation of an enabling environment that favours local materials.

    Países del proyecto

    • Benín

    Duración del proyecto

    2013 - 2020


    • COSUDE

    Área de trabajo


    Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
    Hardturmstrasse 123
    CH-8005 Zürich

    Tel. +41 44 454 17 17
    Fax +41 44 454 17 97