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Fortalecimento de Asociaciones Profesionales en Marruecos (ingl.)

The aim of the project ASAP-M is to improve the performance of micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through institutional support given to five large national professional associations in different agricultural fields (organic agriculture, beekeeping, aromatic plants, cattle), hereby improving the services delivered to their members. The Moroccan economy is dominated by MSMEs that contribute up to 90% of GDP but feature a low level of professionalization. Despite their remarkable economic performance, neither professional associations nor the state adequately address the needs of MSMEs.

El proyecto

The ASAP-M approach is to strengthen associations' institutional planning and governance capacities to improve the services they offer to their members nationwide, as well as their abilities to lobby for improved framework conditions in order to promote inclusive economic growth on behalf of their members. This approach also improves competitiveness of rural MSMEs and of those that can then generate sustainable income and employment. The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries (MAPM) is the national implementing partner.

Target organisations:

  • National Sheep and Goat Association (ANOC)
  • National Association of Red Meat Producers (ANPVR)
  • Moroccan Inter-Professional Federation of Beekeeping (FIMAP)
  • Moroccan Association of Organic Production (AMABIO)
  • Moroccan Society of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (SOMAPAM)

In Morocco, nearly 53% of women cannot read or write, according to the Moroccan High Commission for Planning (2012). In rural areas, this figure reaches 71.8%, a finding further exacerbated by the fact that half of active women work in agriculture.

The project proposes to confront the issue of gender inequalities in rural and agricultural contexts along two strategic axes:

  1. Actions along the horizontal axis are designed to ensure women and men equal access to and control over development resources, along with income and inclusion in decision-making during all stages of the project.
  2. The objective is to identify specific pathways through which to support women’s economic independence. Each professional association will plan its own pathways to improve women’s access to income and benefits that will result from project activities. For example, the plan will include involving women more closely in professional associations, improving their access to services offered. Activities to facilitate integration of women into value chains at different levels will also be carried out.

Socios de proyectos

Países del proyecto

  • Marruecos

Enlance del proyecto

Duración del proyecto

2017 - 2019



Área de trabajo


Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
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