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Uttoron - Skills for better life

1400 community youth will be enrolled in vocational trainings who will later become entrepreneurs or be employed in their skills related jobs across the country or within Sylhet region.

Bangladesh has a high rate of unemployment and underemployment in Asia. Rural areas in Bangladesh have the highest number of unemployed youths. The demand for agro-based and conventional jobs decreased and industry and trade-based jobs increased. Uttoron’s adaptive approach for promoting community-based trainings on formal employment and self-employment opportunities highly encourages youth, especially women and minority (ethnic or religious) community members, to participate in training. Skills development is a crucial issue for a developing country like Bangladesh, which aims to become a middle-income country by 2021.

The Project

Uttoron recruits eager youths for training through the innovative three-step boot-camp. 

The project identifies the trades in demand and job placement opportunities suitable for targeted beneficiaries. The public service announcement creates awareness amongst community members about the benefits and opportunities for skills training. When young people come to the registration camp, during the preliminary stage they are identified and selected through many required criteria. Having the right aspiration for training is one of those important criteria. Uttoron encourages the candidates for training through motivational workshop, prepares the trainees for employment and develops capacity of training service providers to deliver relevant industry-oriented training.

Professional skills such as electrical, electrical & electronics, electrical installations, plumbing, welding, tiles and marble works, garment machine operation and machinist trades are offered at the training centers. After completing training course in the designated trade and fulfilling graduating necessaries, Uttoron facilitates certification and job placements of trained individuals through local training service providers (TSPs). The TSPs link the graduates with affiliated industries and organizations for gainful employment. 

Project Goals

Uttoron aims to train 1400 youths in three north-eastern districts of Bangladesh namely Sylhet, Habiganj and Moulavibazar and place at least 70% of the graduates in gainful employment. Skills development will enable them to be financially dependent through employment and immediately improve their standard of living. Gainful employment will help the unemployed and underemployed youth community to evade poverty through a stable source of income. Uttoron facilitates trained graduates to be self-sufficient through entrepreneurship or industrial employment. When gender or ethnic discrimination are often prevalent, Uttoron encourages participation of women and people from minority community. Uttoron diminishes the disparity and creates a platform where every deserving candidate gets equal right and preference to join the service sector.


Project progress during 2016-2019

  • 1272 trainees completed skills training (19% female)
  • 74% graduates employed (14% female)
  • Average monthly income of graduates is USD$104 (baseline of USD$14)
  • 47,000 people in the community reached through public awareness campaigns (19% female)
  • Less than 1% drop out rate due to multi-layered trainee selection process

Project partner

Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), Non-SEIP Training Centers and Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Project files

Project countries

  • Bangladesh

Project links

Project duration

2019 - 2022


  • Chevron
  • Bangladesh Partnership Initiative (BPI)

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