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Economic and market infrastructure development programme PDIEM

The aim of the programme is to contribute to the economic and institutional development of rural areas in the departments of Borgou and Alibori. This improvement in the economic environment will help to increase institutional capacity at local level through tax revenue and improve the living conditions of private operators (producers, stockbreeders, craftsmen, traders) and the population in general. This will lead to improved income for the benefit of producers, breeders, craftsmen and local communities through the creation of viable economic and market infrastructures.

The Project

The programme objectives are as follows:

To improve the living conditions of the population by dynamising the local economy and strengthening the financial autonomy of the municipalities, driven by the realisation and exploitation of profitable economic infrastructures.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Dynamic local economy: Markets and trade in local products are stimulated thanks to the economic and market infrastructure that has been established/renovated.
  • Increased community capacity due to the newly built and renovated infrastructure is sustainably managed by the communities and market managers.
  • Local entrepreneurship and valorisation of local materials: Jobs and income are promoted by local entrepreneurship (craftsmen, local small and medium-sized enterprises) generated by the realisation of infrastructure, including local materials and green energy use.



      Expected results

      • The level of development of economic activities is promoted in the renovated markets, in synergy with other SDC-financed programs.
      • Key players in the construction chain are trained and active.
      • Local materials are used to build the infrastructure and renewable energy sources are promoted by SMEs.
      • In addition to these components, the actors in the renovated markets are assisted in the economic dynamization of their companies and local craftsmen and entrepreneurs are supported in strengthening technical capacities and promoting private initiatives for the production of local materials.

      Project countries

      • Benin

      Project duration

      2018 - 2022


      • SDC

      Working area


      Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
      Hardturmstrasse 123
      CH-8005 Zurich

      Tel. +41 44 454 17 17
      Fax +41 44 454 17 97
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