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Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Programme (MIGIP)

Laos and Cambodia still number among the world’s least developed countries.  A third of the population lives below the poverty level. Against this background, tourism has grown rapidly and offers significant employment and income-generation opportunities to disadvantaged sections of the populations.

In Cambodia, roughly 75% of the population earns its living in agriculture. However, the agricultural sector’s very small 30% contribution to GDP underscores that sector’s low productivity. Cambodia’s government recognises this shortcoming and is intent on modernising agriculture.

The Project

MIGIP is contributing to poverty reduction through work and income generation opportunities in tourism and agriculture.

One component of MIGIP focuses entirely on developing the tourism sector, strengthening institutions, structures, skills and processes in destination management. To this end, the MIGIP analyses tourism flows to then offer new products and services targeted to specific tourist segments. Among other important strategies, the MIGIP is developing destination brands through the tourism visitor flow marketing strategies, providing in-house trainings for low skilled workers and promoting public-private partnership in destination management.

In the agricultural sector MIGIP is supporting the promotion of existing and new technologies. The project is giving special emphasis on sustainable agriculture. The objective is to create new jobs and increase farmer incomes. Emphasis is placed on the often-conflicting priorities of increasing efficiency and using resources more sustainably. Technologies are promoted that have positive effects on the regional environment.

Project activities in the tourism sector

  1. Promotion of tourism visitor flow as marketing strategies
    MIGIP analyses tourism visitor flows so that local service providers can offer new products and activities targeted to specific market segments.
  2. Training courses for tourism specialists and collaboration with SMEs
    In close collaboration with local service providers, MIGIP is developing high-quality training curricula for the tourism sector. Simultaneously, MIGIP is working together with tourism SMEs to create new products and activities in an effort to increase revenues.
  3. Promotion of public-private partnership for destination management
    MIGIP is working with the local Government agency tasked for tourism promotion and the local stakeholders working in the provinces. MIGIP is helping to establish the Marketing Working Group and supporting its secretariat so that tourism activities in the area are coordinated.

Project activities in the agriculture sector

  1. Increasing efficiency of Service Provision
    MIGIP is working with Financial Institutions to provide access to finance to consumer of agricultural technology by partnering with machine manufacturers / retailers
  2. Introduction of Agriculture Technology
    MIGIP is working with private sector companies so that they promote tractor renting service provision model by spreading awareness about the various tractor implements among tractor owners and farmers. MIGIP collaborates with a private company to provide cultivation knowledge to mango farmers through a learning centre model
  3. Increase Quality of Crops
    MIGIP collaborates with private companies to promote extension information using a learning center model
  4. Commercial Orientation of Ag. Technologies
    MIGIP is collaborating with the Royal University of Agriculture as well as with the Departments of Agriculture Engineering and Agriculture Extension under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to promote sustainable agriculture in Cambodia



  • 600 SMEs are involved in the project and increasing their sales.
  • The regional tourism sector is growing so that on average guests remain longer and the region can boast an increase of 10% in tourist visits (in targeted tourism flows).


  • 3,100 farmers (20% ♀) gain access to new technologies and increase their incomes through more efficient cultivation and harvest methods.
  • 200 students are given the opportunity to expand their skills in the field of “innovation and commercialisation in agronomy “.


Agriculture, results for 2017 at a glance:
The project reached a total of 850 farmers, exceeding the current annual target of 656 farmers by 194 persons.

Tourism, results from 2017 at a glance: 
Overall, 55 tourism-oriented SMEs were reached by the project in Cambodia (annual target: 22) and 171 SMEs in Laos (annual target: 96). We exceeded our target of 118 SMEs by 108.

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