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Microleasing in El Salvador for the apiculture value chain

Apiculture in El Salvador is a sector that particularly benefits small producers in rural areas and has great export potential, given that 80% of production is exported to Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

An important point to mention is that at present some beekeepers do not meet the quality and innocuity standards required by the European market, for which reason the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock introduced a new technical regulation in 2015 which, among other things, imposes innocuity standards and the use of stainless steel equipment; this affects around 70% of producers, who have so far used home-made equipment and have difficulty obtaining third-party financing to acquire new equipment to process their honey for export, thus restricting their incomes.

The Project

The project consists of creating and implementing an innovative financial product known as "micro-leasing" for the El Salvador apiculture sector; it seeks to facilitate access to financing by small beekeepers, enabling them to acquire adequate equipment that meets market requirements and the new technical regulation.

The project has been divided into two phases, the first consisting of the "establishment of prior conditions" by which specific action together with the project partners and beneficiaries created all the processes involved in micro-leasing and a sales and marketing plan for the product, as well as providing training for technical personnel from the financial partner CREDICAMPO. During this phase an agreement was signed between CREDICAMPO and Mieles Joyas de Ceren, which is the supplier of the equipment and tools.

The second phase, currently being implemented, involves introducing "micro-leasing" to the market through implementation of the plans drawn up in phase I, the goal being to benefit 300 beekeepers with new equipment, enabling them to meet regulatory requirements and make technological improvements to their honey production.


May 2016

  • 1 microleasing contract signed
  • 10 area workshops on the promotion of microleasing held
  • 11 Demonstration visits to beekeepers interested in microleasing
  • 330 beekeepers recognise CREDICAMPO as an alternative source of finance
  • 675 beekeepers informed about microleasing for different activities
  • 43 manifestations of interest in obtaining microleasing signed by beekeepers

Project countries

  • El Salvador

Project duration

2014 - 2017


  • SCBF

Working area


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