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Local Economic Development - PADC

Swisscontact's local economic development project creates jobs and income and contributes to poverty reduction in seven rural communities in Burkina Faso.

The challenges Burkina Faso faces are complex and diverse. Agriculture and livestock farming remain the most important branches of economic activity in the country. Productivity remains modest, a large part consists of subsistence agriculture and most farmers still live in poverty. Another major challenge is youth unemployment - a substantial risk considering the fragile situation throughout West Africa and the increasing influence of radical terrorist groups. Integrating the young population into economic and social life and offering them prospects is therefore a priority - not only from an economic point of view, but also for the stability of the country.

The Project

To boost the local economy, the project strengthens local structures and promotes cooperation. In all seven communities, an information and counselling service for professional orientation is planned. The aim is to provide access for interested community members to further institutions (e.g. existing training centres) and the offers of local economic development supported by the project. This includes supporting young adults with little or no education in their business idea, but also training SME employees in good practices in the production of goods and the provision of their services. The agricultural population also benefits from the project. On the one hand, through the establishment of savings and lending groups and their access to formal financial services. On the other hand, through the training of small scale farmers. The aim is to introduce farmers to innovative techniques, promising methods suitable for each kind of soil and climate, and the advantages of adapting crops to climate change.


Expected Results

  • 1050 young men and women (15 to 35 years old) successfully realize their business ideas.
  • 2100 employees/owners of SMEs increase their professional skills and apply them in the companies.
  • 960 farmers apply the techniques learned and can increase the productivity and quality of their agricultural products.
  • 2400 members of savings and loan groups increase their financial capacity by building up savings, thereby reducing their risks.

Project countries

  • Burkina Faso

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